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Friday, August 12, 2011

Mini Essence Haul - First Look

 Take a goose...or a gander, at the mini Essence haul I did at lunch today.  I'm so excited to try my new stuff out!

Four eyeshadow singles in:

  • Party All Night (35) - a metallic golden/taupe color

  • Knock-Out (36) - a matte teal color

  • Mystic Purple (42) - a holographic grey/purple color

  • It's Up To You (44) - A shimmery mango/pink color

Two "Stay With Me" lipglosses:
  • Candy Bar (03)  
  • Me & My Ice Cream (01)
I also bought their Smokey Eye Brush to try out.  It's like a really soft, small, pencil brush:

The Multi-Action Smokey Eyes Mascara:

Two Gel Eyeliners:

  • London Baby (02)
  • Berlin Rocks (03)

One last fun thing, a Smurf color nailpolish!

  • Let's Get Lost (55)
Update on the nail polish :-( Doesn't even last a day without chipping.  I know somebody is thinking "it's only $1.00, waddaya want!" Well E.L.F. has polish for $1.00 that doesn't chip so I know it can be done!

Thanks for peeking!

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