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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I picked up the February issue of Shape magazine on a whim (the whim being my body telling me to get my butt in action!) and in "The Shape List" I read about a beauty service that for $10 little tiny dollars, would score you a box full of deluxe sized beauty samples.  We are talking makeup, perfume, skin care, hair care, etc.  SIGN.ME.UP!  You don't even pay shipping - $10 flat fee/month.  These aren't no name brands either!  Upon reading about this service (and quickly signing up), I took to YouTube (of course) to check out the buzz.  I watched NARS and Stila products popping up in these "unboxing" videos.  I knew I just stumbled onto greatness and I was soo excited!

Some great things about Birchbox:
  • When you sign up, you fill out a questionnaire about yourself so they can best determine what to send you.  Everybody doesn't receive the same box.  Just this last month, two girls I work with (both I enticed into signing up for BB) and I all received different color bronzers based on our skin color.  One received a face mask, I received a hair serum, one got a Kiehl's moisturizer - you get the point.  Everybody is different.
  • They have an online store where you can purchase full sized products.  Sometimes they offer free shipping or extra points for buying certain products.  Speaking of the points system...
  • You can earn points that you save up to get great discounts.  I got 100 points for referring my two friends from work.  Every 100 points equals $10 off a full size product purchase.  Doesn't the $38 NARS Multiple sound even better at $28?  Stila's famous lip glaze in "Kitten" for $12 vice $22?  I love a great discount!
You can also get points for every dollar spent (1 for 1) and for giving feedback on products.

So let's get to the good stuff!  March was my first box....

How exciting to get the hot pink box in the mail!  But what is inside?

The Lineup:
Extra Treats:
The Winner:
AHAVA Dermud Enriched Intensive Foot Cream - (soft) hands down! The foot lotion is my new addiction.  It's so soft and creamy, hydrates the rough patches on my feet, and smells lovely.  I managed to score a large bottle of Ahava at my local Marshalls store for half the retail price.  But I'm getting ready to buy some at full price now that my bottle is gone because, I LOVE IT! Worth the money.

The Honorable Mention:
The AHAVA bath salts.  They soothed my poor, tired body after ballet class.  The fragrance wasn't overpowering either - Mandarin/Cedarwood.

The Disappointment: 
The Pangea lip balm.  My only reason is: the smell.  Lavender on my lips?  Just strange.  But, I do use it at night before bedtime for the hydration and because it doesn't contain a sunscreen - which I obviously don't need at night.

The Rest?
The Cargo mascara was just alright.  The formula was a little runny and my lashes looked wet.  I did like the jet black color though.  As far as "lash activation" I didn't see any changes in lash growth.  The toothpaste was...well...a mint toothpaste.  Nothing special.

All in all I'm so pleased with Birchbox!  I'm actually getting ready to receive July's box but I wanted to go back in time and catch you all up.  So read on for April-June then let's unbox July together!  Birchbox has a special guest who prepared July's box...Cynthia Rowley!!

Please check this great service out for yourself and get more info.  

Thanks for reading!

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